Decision Making

Decisions are hard to make when you are use to confiding in another.  There is always doubt in the back of your mind sometimes, especially when it come to making decisions for the kids, projects at home, the cars, etc.  At the beginning stages of grief, it’s hard trying to absorb what has happen and what to do from that point on. Try not to make any life changing or drastic decisions to soon after your spouse passes.  Those decisions you make now, may have you feeling with deep regret later. If you need help with a problem, seek and reach out to another whom will give you sound advice and options of what may be best for you and your family. Think about your future, what you may want to keep or could use down the road.  You may not use it now but later is always another moment. It’s always good to weigh the pros and cons in situations and decisions we will have to make in our near future.

As seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years go by you still may question and doubt yourself because you want to make the decisions that your late would make, or would have made for you and the family. I catch myself doing that often.  When you had a husband or wife that lead and was the helpmate, you miss not having that voice to ease all doubt or concern.  For those with children often contemplate on things such as- would he have done that for them or I wonder what he would think about a certain decision made on the child’s behalf.

Financial decision making and advice is very important to those grieving and going through.  Our brain is in such fog that we can barely think straight now, let alone think about financial decisions later.  If your late had an insurance policy or money was tucked away in an investment, please keep them safe and secure until you will need it. The bills don’t stop coming, repairs and maintenance needs to be done on the home, inside & out, and the cars need to keep going.  Times will come when you may want to treat yourself to something nice, or take a little getaway and that’s fine.  Just be mindful that you have to come back to face Mr. Bill and Ms. Reality so spend wisely.


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