New Beginnings

As days turn to nights and nights turn into the dawning of a new day people are contemplating day after day on making decisions that will impact their lives forever.  Some decisions people put off and wait until the time is right and other times we make moves and step out on faith even though we can’t see what the outcome will be.  People get so content with life and how things are during the current moment that they don’t realize they are blocking their own blessings by not making a move.  Not wanting anything to change due to the comfort of things remaining the same will keep you in neutral.  If you want change you have to make a change, be the change and embrace new beginnings such as starting that new job, moving from one location to another, buying that new home or car and making a change within yourself to be a better person.  Never allow others to discourage you but remain encouraged as you embrace the new beginnings and a new chapter for your life.  Happy endings bring new beginnings and a positive change will cause a positive life that may never be the same.