As summer begin there will be new opportunities and people you will connect with as you venture out.  Don’t be afraid to try new places to visit and even connect with other like-minded people that will share with you helpful tips or hints that has helped them in certain situations or moments of uncertainty.

Life takes us all down different paths and routes that we will never understand or even begin to comprehend, but often times questions arise in our mind like “Why has this happen to me”, “What have I done to deserve this”, Where are you God in this”?  Often times it’s nothing we have done that has cause our world to be shaken or tragedy to strike, but it’s just life.  People are forced into situations and circumstances all the time that they didn’t ask for, but life still goes on and we must continue on a path of loving others and  living an abundant life.

Since times awaits for no one, we are to continue to make the best of the life we are here to live in the midst of the ups and downs. Moments you are afraid or uncertain about what you want to do or a place you are uncertain about going start speaking to trustworthy people that will be neutral and not always agree, but will lead you as their hearts leads them to help and reassure you that everything will work out at the perfect time and all will be well. With that being said, understand that your mindset has a way of helping you heal when you’re going through the storms of life, so keep it positive and uplifted.  No storm last forever so there is no need to be afraid, but try to be brave because you have the power within to get though any obstacle life throws at you.   Believe that you can overcome any obstacle and you WILL be victorious, come out a winner and not feel defeated, but you have to be patient during the process.

Keep an open mind and enjoy the time on the new journey.  Get  ready for new chapters to begin as others end and new doors to open as others have closed.  Everything your heart desires can be yours if you step out and have faith in yourself that you will be ok with the decisions you make and the path you may take.

Peace and blessings on this journey and continue to live. Giving up is not an option and giving is not a allow as long as you continue to try.




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