Pain Will Change Things

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Bruised not Broken

Life brings a multitude of challenges as we age and grow. We have a life envisioned that we thought we would be living until reality hits or unfavorable situations and circumstances comes knocking on our door. As we are faced with these challenges they are overwhelming, they set us back, and each challenge is not the same as the last. This now adds additional stress and heartache to what you’ve already have on your plate, so you’re juggling everyday life with situations beyond your control. As you are trying to gather your thoughts, pause and think about what’s priority. Focus on the most important issues you are dealing with and have others help and assist you as things become overwhelming.

Think of concepts and ways to manage your stress so you can stay on track without having additional setbacks that will slow down your progress. If you are a spiritual being, participate in activities that will help improve your mental as well as emotional well being. You may find that meditating with soothing music, connecting with nature and exploring peaceful destinations may provide you with peace in the midst of uncertainty. We need to be mindful of what and who we listen to and what we watch as we heal from hurtful situations. We are either feeding our thoughts with positivity or negativity. One or the other will either bring additional stress or relieve it. As you connect with yourself and pay attention to things that brings you peace and joy you will face many challenge and be able to overcome everyone of them in due time. There are times we want to rush the process of our healing, but some moments as we are hurt helps us to really dig deep and become our true authentic self. You will begin to understand what you will and will not tolerate in the future and you have a deeper understanding how to overcome moments of uncertainty. Be the best person you can be on this journey and continue to encourage yourself and others along the way.