Trying To Get Ahead

Life can throw some curve balls at you when you least expect them.  You seem to be doing great, the family is fine, bills are paid on time, etc. etc.  Life has a way of allowing people to get in position to cause us to fail.  Those people are considered as setbacks and speed bumps. They will attempt to slow you down when you least expect them, but never allow them to stop you from moving in the right direction.   As you try to keep your head above water, someone or something will try to test you and set you back even further than where you were before, but we will not give them that satisfaction no matter how difficult the road gets.

Are you trying to get ahead or just at a standstill?  I mentioned the  word “TRYING” because that is an action word that requires work.  That word is small in size but powerful in meaning, especially when you are on the verge of giving up.  When you continue to make an effort or attempt to put energy into something when you feel like giving up speaks for itself.  Often times we look at our life and it seems like we aren’t going anywhere,  making any impacts or seeing progress within us or around us.  Understand that we can’t and won’t see the results we are searching for if we don’t try and step out on faith.  It’s easy for us to talk about what we want to do, but when it’s time to put those words into action it never works.  The main reason why it never works is because we don’t try. When you start putting an effort in those words you speak you will see changes in what you seek.  All it takes is a little space and faith.  Excuse yourself and step out, start something new or be that change and I promise your life may never be the same.