On this journey you will realize that the more you grow & mature the more you will know & be sure of how to handle certain people and situations.  As you mature you will begin to talk less and  listen more, observe but remain reserved, love instead of hating on your sisters and brothers.  Realizing that every negative action  or thought does not require a reaction and it’s ok to remain silent. Silence is priceless when others intentionally say or do things on purpose to get mad or upset.   When people are miserable they will say and do things that will drain your energy leaving you tired and empty.  These particular people get fueled up by draining you and your vibes by boosting themselves up with their negative talk towards you.  Always pay attention to words people speak, because if they speak negatively about others that are in their circle just imagine what they will say about you.

Life is really too short for the Negative Nancy’s, Debbie Downers or the Attention Seeking Angels that are willing and ready to be on the opposing team just because you are following your dream.  Do what makes you happy even if you have do it alone.  Don’t cut yourself short due to the doubters and the naysayers.






Loving and losing is one of the most painful experiences anyone can imagine. Many will try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t  be doing because you aren’t doing what they would do if they were in your shoes. You will come across people that will do more discouraging than encouraging, but know and understand they are NOT the people you will want in your support group or circle as you are going through trying times.   Many will say what they would do if they were in your shoes, but those same people don’t have feet big enough to fill the shoes you wear.   People have so much input when you are in a storm but can’t give themselves advice for situations they find themselves in and I find that strange.

Many people who hasn’t been in your shoes will not understand the pain that comes with loving and losing.  It’s hard to shake or get over grief in small length of time because many that have loss also loved unconditionally.   When you put your heart & mind into someone it’s hard to move on because you still love even though they are gone. Feelings aren’t like a stove that you cut on and off  when you are ready to cook, so you must do what’s best for you, those you are caring for and not what others want you to do.   As you are dealing with the loss don’t allow no one tell you how you should grieve or rush you into doing something you will regret.  As time goes on you will understand why God has redirected your path and why you have waited patiently instead of rushing into something you knew you weren’t ready for.  Just remember 20170109_185107to always be patient with yourself and to think about what’s best for you and yours.




Pay Attention

Pay attention to those to verbally support you, but show no action towards you, your children and what you may be facing.  When you are in a storm you need someone that show you where the shelter is or where to go,  not just someone that will talk about it without information to help you and your situation.   It’s ok to move on and connect with those whom will support you and your children on this journey instead of staying still and feeling defeated