Being a Blessing

Helping your fellow neighbors in their time of need is what life’s about. When we sow into the life of others we shall reap the benefits from being what they have been looking for which is “a blessing”.  Sowing Seeds, Inc. will indeed help those who need it most. We all know of someone or know families that have been uncertain about how they will feed their families, pay their bills and maintain mentally, physically and emotionally for their family. None of us are exempted from experiencing a tragic event and if you would like to show your support to a family, the time is now to help those facing uncertainty.  #HELPINGANDHEALING






Living and Giving

It’s rewarding knowing you have given from the heart to benefit those that have been impacted from life’s challenges. Living life has it’s ups and downs, but it how we get through those moments with people who care that will help you to keep living the life you have, regardless of the obstacles faced.  #HELPINGANDHEALING20170109_185107.jpg


Everyday you have a chance to do something great for someone.  If you haven’t done anything for anyone lately now is the time to help a young widow/widower with or without children in need.  #helpingandhealing2008-kerm-k

What’s Your Story?

cropped-capture.jpgNo one knows your story unless you share it. We all have a story and not everyone story is the same. Some have dealt with challenges and faced hardships others would have given up on. If you are selfless and not selfish start up lifting, encouraging and supporting those in need. Your help will heal the hearts of those going through tough times and not hurt them, so be a blessing not a lesson.  #helping&healing