Tis The Season

This time of the year many people are getting into the holiday spirit and ready to celebrate the popular observed holiday known as  “Christmas”.  While many are full of cheer and preparing, you have widow/widowers and children shedding tears from the memories they have to hold onto from losing their husband, wife, mother or father.

Holidays are harder when you have to experience them alone. Tis the season to be jolly doesn’t always apply once you have loved & loss.  Losing a love one puts you in a overwhelming yet heartbreaking mood that is hard to shake, even with family and love ones around. Smiles are put on faces even though your heart is breaking deep down inside. Your heart not only aches, but you realize your children are feeling the same.  Some of them are to young to express themselves so they will act out in a way you may not understand.   If only there was an off  & on switch for our emotions and our children’s emotions during this difficult time.

As the years go by and children get older be sure to surround yourself with positive people.  These people in particular will want what’s best for you and not put much stress upon you.  They will love and support you in your good times and bad.  If you already have these people in your life, hold onto them, because they are really rare and hard to find.