Don’t Rush But Trust The Process!

Each and everyday someone somewhere is going through something that they wish would go away or hoping that an instant healing would take place.   As we deal with sickness, death, the loss of a job or being displaced is always emotional for those that don’t quite understand why. The heartache and pain we experience during those moments seems to take forever to go away and due to the world we live in we want things to happen for us instantly or the pain we feel  be gone quick, fast and in a hurry. We wish that we could get instant results on this journey, but life is not like ordering fast food where you can request something and get it in a matter of minutes. Everything we do and go through takes times and it’s a process to move beyond the heartache, grief and moments of feeling overwhelmed.

As the days come and go we learn to adjust to the circumstances we face and trust the process that everything will work out in our favor.  It’s hard to trust when your faith is shaky and you aren’t sure what to expect next.  As you pray and connect to your God, Creator or connect with the universe you will understand that you are stronger than you think. Even when you think you are at your weakest God will continue to lead and guide you on this journey and build you up. Always believe you will get through anything you face and continue to trust but  don’t rush the process because time waits for no one and it will be gone before we know it.

Peace and love to all and may you continue to be blessed.


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