New Year, New View, New You

With the new year here, we always reflect on the good, the bad, the challenges & successes, the pretty & the  ugly situations we have encountered.  2015 may have  been a year of triumphs, tribulations, laughs, cries and growth, but there are always blessings within our lessons.  Some of us have seen and been through things that would have  destroyed others, but we have found strength to continue to go on in spite of.  As we have started another chapter, we should have closed the last chapter with forgiveness and no regrets.

In 2016 we should keep a positive outlook on situations, because everything that we go through is not to harm or hurt us.  I have realized that my story and what I have been through has blessed someone, one way or another. So don’t be afraid to share your story with others, because as you go through a trial or a setback there is another going through something similar. The test you have been through was preparing you for your testimony to share with someone else you meet on your journey.  This year should be a year of new dreams, goals to reach, and perspectives.

Not just in this New Year, but every day and every year we should cherish the ones we love.  Let them know just how important they are to us!  Set aside your pride by giving someone an unexpected hug and let them know you love them.   It’s never too late to make your year great!

Love, Peace, & Blessings to all!