Some Change Is Good

As we grow and go through life, we will notice that some people will change as others remain the same.  You will see family and friends  look at you strange because you have changed as you move toward to do great things.  Not all change is good, but anything that involves helping others when they need it most and loving others as you love yourself is a great thing and that change is welcomed by all.  When we stay the same, we aren’t growing or blossoming into something as beautiful as a butterfly.  As you grow and blossom into what God wants you to be, people will see the beauty that lies within not the beauty the lies in the eyes of women/men.   Many thinks their outer appearance is what others will seek, but it’s your inner that will speak on your behalf.  This quote is known to be true and that is “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”  Don’t talk about making a positive change, but be about the change, because when you grow beautifully, that beauty will be shown inside and out.   Life shows us that if we plant a seed, it will grow into a beautiful plant or a produce we have been waiting for.  You will come across many who refuse to grow and blossom because they are content with the life they have, even though they aren’t going anywhere or making any positive moves towards bettering themselves.  When we get to a  place of being content with our lives, we don’t put any thought into doing more with our time or making a change that will put us in a better position.  If you want to see a change, you have to be the change and take a step toward making some moves to see your results.  I encourage everyone to take a look in the mirror and do inventory on what you can change for the better and start working towards it.  No need in remaining the same when you can make that change.





Are You Covered…..

In our everyday living we all want the best of everything we are seeking for.  For those of us that aren’t selfish beings, we also want what’s best for our family, friends and others we know or know of.  Majority want the best sales, prices for products, plans and quality of an item that we are seeking purchase, but often times what we think is the best for us may not always be, so read the fine print. Accidents happen and unexpected deaths occur around the clock and around the world.  It is after those moments we really look into the plans and see what may be covered that will benefit us and the people connected to us.  Many times we have life insurance plans and not realize that we can’t reap the benefits when a love one passes due to how they passed away.  If your love one had drugs, alcohol, committed suicide or anything that may cut their  life span here on earth  short,  know that you may not be able to reap the benefits from certain plans your love one have invested in .  Car accidents happen everyday all day, do you have the bare minimum coverage or the best plan that will benefit you and your family if an accident was to occur?   Save yourself heartache by reviewing the plans you have for your family in case an accident or unexpected tragedy was to occur.   Be sure you have the best plan for you and your family and not the bare minimum, because you rather be safe and than sorry if tragedy affected your household.