As widow/widowers continues to go on to try to make the best of what’s left to life, there will be bittersweet moments.  It’s the little things that occur and take place in our lives that conjure up these feelings. Many don’t realize all that widow/widowers go through on a daily basis and think we can shut our feelings on and off as a switch as we please. There will be issues that you will face, decisions you will have to make,  and milestones that will take place in your families lives that you will experience alone.

There will be moments when love ones and friends will invite you to celebrate special dates or invite you to gatherings that you may not feel like attending.  It’s not that you aren’t happy for them or want to go,  but it’s that you feel like you don’t belong due to your love one being gone. You don’t want to feel like a 3rd wheel so you stay and put your time into doing something with a close friend or if you have children, you put that time into doing activities that they will enjoy doing.

Know that these moments will come and go on this journey, because we are forced to learn and handle things on our own when we once had a partner whom we shared responsibilities with.  Decision making is difficult because you don’t want to make the wrong decision, but often think back at what your love one would have done during those times. Decisions that pertain to your children can be difficult too, because you think of what the other parent would have done. Some may often wonder if  you’re making your love one proud with the choices you have made for you and your children.

When you are faced with decisions that seems hard to handle, confide with a reliable, responsible, and respectful friend or family member who will help you make the right decision for you and your family.


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