Pain Will Change Things

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Bruised not Broken

Life brings a multitude of challenges as we age and grow. We have a life envisioned that we thought we would be living until reality hits or unfavorable situations and circumstances comes knocking on our door. As we are faced with these challenges they are overwhelming, they set us back, and each challenge is not the same as the last. This now adds additional stress and heartache to what you’ve already have on your plate, so you’re juggling everyday life with situations beyond your control. As you are trying to gather your thoughts, pause and think about what’s priority. Focus on the most important issues you are dealing with and have others help and assist you as things become overwhelming.

Think of concepts and ways to manage your stress so you can stay on track without having additional setbacks that will slow down your progress. If you are a spiritual being, participate in activities that will help improve your mental as well as emotional well being. You may find that meditating with soothing music, connecting with nature and exploring peaceful destinations may provide you with peace in the midst of uncertainty. We need to be mindful of what and who we listen to and what we watch as we heal from hurtful situations. We are either feeding our thoughts with positivity or negativity. One or the other will either bring additional stress or relieve it. As you connect with yourself and pay attention to things that brings you peace and joy you will face many challenge and be able to overcome everyone of them in due time. There are times we want to rush the process of our healing, but some moments as we are hurt helps us to really dig deep and become our true authentic self. You will begin to understand what you will and will not tolerate in the future and you have a deeper understanding how to overcome moments of uncertainty. Be the best person you can be on this journey and continue to encourage yourself and others along the way.


Don’t Rush But Trust The Process!

Each and everyday someone somewhere is going through something that they wish would go away or hoping that an instant healing would take place.   As we deal with sickness, death, the loss of a job or being displaced is always emotional for those that don’t quite understand why. The heartache and pain we experience during those moments seems to take forever to go away and due to the world we live in we want things to happen for us instantly or the pain we feel  be gone quick, fast and in a hurry. We wish that we could get instant results on this journey, but life is not like ordering fast food where you can request something and get it in a matter of minutes. Everything we do and go through takes times and it’s a process to move beyond the heartache, grief and moments of feeling overwhelmed.

As the days come and go we learn to adjust to the circumstances we face and trust the process that everything will work out in our favor.  It’s hard to trust when your faith is shaky and you aren’t sure what to expect next.  As you pray and connect to your God, Creator or connect with the universe you will understand that you are stronger than you think. Even when you think you are at your weakest God will continue to lead and guide you on this journey and build you up. Always believe you will get through anything you face and continue to trust but  don’t rush the process because time waits for no one and it will be gone before we know it.

Peace and love to all and may you continue to be blessed.

New Beginnings

As days turn to nights and nights turn into the dawning of a new day people are contemplating day after day on making decisions that will impact their lives forever.  Some decisions people put off and wait until the time is right and other times we make moves and step out on faith even though we can’t see what the outcome will be.  People get so content with life and how things are during the current moment that they don’t realize they are blocking their own blessings by not making a move.  Not wanting anything to change due to the comfort of things remaining the same will keep you in neutral.  If you want change you have to make a change, be the change and embrace new beginnings such as starting that new job, moving from one location to another, buying that new home or car and making a change within yourself to be a better person.  Never allow others to discourage you but remain encouraged as you embrace the new beginnings and a new chapter for your life.  Happy endings bring new beginnings and a positive change will cause a positive life that may never be the same.





What About The Children?

Loving and losing is hard for adults left with all of the weight on their plate when a spouse passes, but we forget about the children who also will be without the additional support and the necessities.  We make up excuses as in why we can’t help and support others but if it was you or your family you would want others to help you too.  Your donation will help and bless children and their families that have loss love ones tragically and unexpectedly. Sow a seed to fulfill the needs of those in your community. We are an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 non profit organization and we thank you in advance for any donation you desire to give.  Donations are accepted at



As summer begin there will be new opportunities and people you will connect with as you venture out.  Don’t be afraid to try new places to visit and even connect with other like-minded people that will share with you helpful tips or hints that has helped them in certain situations or moments of uncertainty.

Life takes us all down different paths and routes that we will never understand or even begin to comprehend, but often times questions arise in our mind like “Why has this happen to me”, “What have I done to deserve this”, Where are you God in this”?  Often times it’s nothing we have done that has cause our world to be shaken or tragedy to strike, but it’s just life.  People are forced into situations and circumstances all the time that they didn’t ask for, but life still goes on and we must continue on a path of loving others and  living an abundant life.

Since times awaits for no one, we are to continue to make the best of the life we are here to live in the midst of the ups and downs. Moments you are afraid or uncertain about what you want to do or a place you are uncertain about going start speaking to trustworthy people that will be neutral and not always agree, but will lead you as their hearts leads them to help and reassure you that everything will work out at the perfect time and all will be well. With that being said, understand that your mindset has a way of helping you heal when you’re going through the storms of life, so keep it positive and uplifted.  No storm last forever so there is no need to be afraid, but try to be brave because you have the power within to get though any obstacle life throws at you.   Believe that you can overcome any obstacle and you WILL be victorious, come out a winner and not feel defeated, but you have to be patient during the process.

Keep an open mind and enjoy the time on the new journey.  Get  ready for new chapters to begin as others end and new doors to open as others have closed.  Everything your heart desires can be yours if you step out and have faith in yourself that you will be ok with the decisions you make and the path you may take.

Peace and blessings on this journey and continue to live. Giving up is not an option and giving is not a allow as long as you continue to try.



Trying To Get Ahead

Life can throw some curve balls at you when you least expect them.  You seem to be doing great, the family is fine, bills are paid on time, etc. etc.  Life has a way of allowing people to get in position to cause us to fail.  Those people are considered as setbacks and speed bumps. They will attempt to slow you down when you least expect them, but never allow them to stop you from moving in the right direction.   As you try to keep your head above water, someone or something will try to test you and set you back even further than where you were before, but we will not give them that satisfaction no matter how difficult the road gets.

Are you trying to get ahead or just at a standstill?  I mentioned the  word “TRYING” because that is an action word that requires work.  That word is small in size but powerful in meaning, especially when you are on the verge of giving up.  When you continue to make an effort or attempt to put energy into something when you feel like giving up speaks for itself.  Often times we look at our life and it seems like we aren’t going anywhere,  making any impacts or seeing progress within us or around us.  Understand that we can’t and won’t see the results we are searching for if we don’t try and step out on faith.  It’s easy for us to talk about what we want to do, but when it’s time to put those words into action it never works.  The main reason why it never works is because we don’t try. When you start putting an effort in those words you speak you will see changes in what you seek.  All it takes is a little space and faith.  Excuse yourself and step out, start something new or be that change and I promise your life may never be the same.





The Things We Take For Granted

At the dawn of each new day we get another chance to open up our eyes and be a better person than we were yesterday.   As our days are beginning someone else’s has ended. We don’t realize how that could have been our life cut short and that we need to treat and be better people as a whole on a daily basis.   Taking life and the lives of others for granted is what many do without wanting to realize it.  You have some that realize what they’re doing but are so selfish in their ways that they want what they want to do, say and act regardless of others.

We forget how the tables can turn and things can change at the blink of an eye. It’s the  family, friends, our health and things of important significance that we take for granted everyday because we always think tomorrow will come or that  we will be back to our regular schedule program, doing the same old thing we do day after day.  As life changes, so will the path you will take as you start to value yourself, family, friends and how you live your life.  You will also value others regardless of where they may be going or what they’re doing because you want to see them happy, whole, healthy and  succeeding.

As we go through life we must start appreciating the common things like life, time,  food, water, shelter, family and friends. When you love and lose unexpectantly you learn to appreciate everything, from the smallest act of kindness to the largest.   When you think highly of someone or something you will speak highly of  them or that particular thing. When we disregard the feelings of others is we take for granted what can be taken away.




Embracing What’s To Come

The New Year allows us to reflect on the past and to understand that our future lies in our hands.  We are often faced with challenges and think about our life when we are discouraged, but sometimes forget to consider the possibilities of creating happiness again and seeing the beauty of life as we continue to push through the unpredictable days.  Moments will come when we feel hopeless and helpless, but all we really need is a little push and help from those whom are hopeful and helpful when all hope seems lost.

As healing takes place in your heart, soul and mind you will gain your strength and will open your heart to accept the good and leave that bad in the past. When you open up and allow others in you still will have to guard you heart to a certain extent due to the users and abusers of this crazy world.  Be sure to trust your instinct when it comes to certain people and pay attention to how they treat and speak about others. Remember,  if they will speak ill about others and continue to associate with them, then they will do the same to you when things don’t go there way.

Continue living and learning in the New Year and know it’s ok to have sad or overwhelming moments, just don’t dwell on those days, because in order to look forward we have to leave the things that weigh us down spiritually, mentally and emotionally behind.  So keep laughing, living, loving and respecting others on the journey and you will have peace in your heart, soul & mind.

Peace & Blessings to you in the New Year!







Tis The Season

This time of the year many people are getting into the holiday spirit and ready to celebrate the popular observed holiday known as  “Christmas”.  While many are full of cheer and preparing, you have widow/widowers and children shedding tears from the memories they have to hold onto from losing their husband, wife, mother or father.

Holidays are harder when you have to experience them alone. Tis the season to be jolly doesn’t always apply once you have loved & loss.  Losing a love one puts you in a overwhelming yet heartbreaking mood that is hard to shake, even with family and love ones around. Smiles are put on faces even though your heart is breaking deep down inside. Your heart not only aches, but you realize your children are feeling the same.  Some of them are to young to express themselves so they will act out in a way you may not understand.   If only there was an off  & on switch for our emotions and our children’s emotions during this difficult time.

As the years go by and children get older be sure to surround yourself with positive people.  These people in particular will want what’s best for you and not put much stress upon you.  They will love and support you in your good times and bad.  If you already have these people in your life, hold onto them, because they are really rare and hard to find.











Some Change Is Good

As we grow and go through life, we will notice that some people will change as others remain the same.  You will see family and friends  look at you strange because you have changed as you move toward to do great things.  Not all change is good, but anything that involves helping others when they need it most and loving others as you love yourself is a great thing and that change is welcomed by all.  When we stay the same, we aren’t growing or blossoming into something as beautiful as a butterfly.  As you grow and blossom into what God wants you to be, people will see the beauty that lies within not the beauty the lies in the eyes of women/men.   Many thinks their outer appearance is what others will seek, but it’s your inner that will speak on your behalf.  This quote is known to be true and that is “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”  Don’t talk about making a positive change, but be about the change, because when you grow beautifully, that beauty will be shown inside and out.   Life shows us that if we plant a seed, it will grow into a beautiful plant or a produce we have been waiting for.  You will come across many who refuse to grow and blossom because they are content with the life they have, even though they aren’t going anywhere or making any positive moves towards bettering themselves.  When we get to a  place of being content with our lives, we don’t put any thought into doing more with our time or making a change that will put us in a better position.  If you want to see a change, you have to be the change and take a step toward making some moves to see your results.  I encourage everyone to take a look in the mirror and do inventory on what you can change for the better and start working towards it.  No need in remaining the same when you can make that change.