The Things We Take For Granted

At the dawn of each new day we get another chance to open up our eyes and be a better person than we were yesterday.   As our days are beginning someone else’s has ended. We don’t realize how that could have been our life cut short and that we need to treat and be better people as a whole on a daily basis.   Taking life and the lives of others for granted is what many do without wanting to realize it.  You have some that realize what they’re doing but are so selfish in their ways that they want what they want to do, say and act regardless of others.

We forget how the tables can turn and things can change at the blink of an eye. It’s the  family, friends, our health and things of important significance that we take for granted everyday because we always think tomorrow will come or that  we will be back to our regular schedule program, doing the same old thing we do day after day.  As life changes, so will the path you will take as you start to value yourself, family, friends and how you live your life.  You will also value others regardless of where they may be going or what they’re doing because you want to see them happy, whole, healthy and  succeeding.

As we go through life we must start appreciating the common things like life, time,  food, water, shelter, family and friends. When you love and lose unexpectantly you learn to appreciate everything, from the smallest act of kindness to the largest.   When you think highly of someone or something you will speak highly of  them or that particular thing. When we disregard the feelings of others is we take for granted what can be taken away.





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